Rahavard will correct the translation of Cyrus Cylinder

Date 1/9/2014
From:  Sholeh Shams
To:  Hojabri@aol.com
Thank you Dr. Hojabri
We will correct this in the next issue of Rahavard.
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A Made-up Translation of Cyrus Cylinder



 Dear Friends,

The Persian translation of the Cyrus Cylinder by an unknown translator published in the Rahavard Magazine, No. 105 (Winter 1392) is not accurate. A clip based on this translation has also been circulating the Internet.


In this translation the Supreme Babylonian God, Marduk, is replaced by Mazda, and many other changes have been made to the text of the Cyrus Cylinder to give it the appearance of a Declaration of Human Rights in today’s terms.

 Here are the translations that have been published in a number of books, and to commemorate the 2013 Cyrus Cylinder U.S. Tour:

  • The English translation by Irving Finkel of the British Museum: 


  •  The Persian translation from English on the British Museum website by Shahrokh Razmjou from Tehran University:  


  •  The Persian translation from original text by Abdolmajid Arfaee, from Iran Cultural Heritage Organization in Tehran: 


 I hope Rahavard Magazine would make the correction in their next issue.

 Warm regards,

 Fredun Hojabri