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1936                Born in Abadan, Iran

1942- 1953      Primary and Secondary schools- Raazi High School, Abadan

1954                High School Diploma, Hadaf High School, Tehran

1961                Married to Hedwig Linner, Munich

1963                Birth of our First Child, Kurosch, Karlsruhe

1964                Birth of our Second Child, Azita, Munich

University Education:

1961                BS and MS in Chemistry, University of Munich, Germany

1961- 1964      Ph.D. in Chemistry, synthetic fuels, University of Karlsruhe, Germany 

Teaching and Industry Positions:

1964 -1965      Research Associate, University of Karlsruhe.

1965-1966       Veba Oil Company, Petrochemical Research, Germany

1967                Joined the newly established Aryamehr (Sharif) University of Technology, Iran

1970                Assisted with the formation of the first Faculty Union in an Iranian University, called “Refah Committee”

1971                Associate Professor

1971-1973       Chairman of Chemistry Department

1974                Full Professorship, among the first scholars who received this title

1975-1977       Academic Vice-President

Sabbatical leaves:

1970-1971 Imperial College, London

1974- 1975 Michigan State University

1978 -1979 University of California, San Diego (UCSD)


1981               Moving to the United States because of Cultural Revolution and closing the universities in Iran. First at University of California, San Diego. Later as Chief Scientist at Enpex Corporation, working on conversion of heavy oils

1985                Vice- Chairman, United Nations Third International Conference on Heavy oils and Tar Sands, in Long Beach, USA


1985- 1986      Leading Fundraising Campaign for Building House of Iran in Balboa Park in San Diego.

2000                Organized the first Reunion of Sharif University of Technology in San Diego, California, assisted by 30 members of Faculty and Alumni

2001                Organized the first parallel reunions of Shiraz University and FANNI (Tehran University) in San Diego


 2000- – 2006   Founding President of SUTA (Sharif University of Technology Association)

Helped organize SUTA Reunions:

2002                Toronto, Canada

2004                Heidelberg, Germany

2006                Santa Clara, USA

2008                Vancouver, Canada

2010                Goteborg, Sweden


2002 -2006      Successfully coordinated the worldwide efforts to reverse the discriminatory measures of US Professional Organizations against their Iranian Members:

2002 -2004      IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

2005                AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

2006                ACS (American Chemical Association)

2006                Protested to the US State Department for cancellation of visas and detentions of many of participants coming from Iran to the SUTA Reunion in Santa Clara

2009                Requested IEEE to change “Arabian Gulf” to “Persian Gulf” in their official brochures for a scientific conference in Dubai, UAE

2009                Coordinated the letter to the European Union regarding reports that Sharif University of Technology was targeted to be on their next Sanction List

2010                Persuaded LinkedIn professional network to end its discriminatory practice and list Iranian schools in the educational background of its Iranian members

2011                Raised concerns about the former Stanford Professor, Dr. Jeffery Ullman, who used his position at the university to discriminate against the admission of Iranian students to the graduate and PhD Computer Science program at Stanford

2011                 Campaigned against gender segregation at Iranian Universities