Visiting Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tehran

Dr. Lightner, Hadi Fatemi, Fredun Hojabri, Dr. Jabedar (Dean of Engineering Faculty)

Members of IEEE Student Chapter

After Shiraz conference Dr. Lightner remained for two day inTehran, as gust ofTehranUniversity. This gave Dr. Lightner the opportunity to visit, in addition toShirazUniversity, also the Tehran University & Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, and talk to the faculty and student members of IEEE inIran.

It was a very successful trip. Dr. Lightner and Dr. Zajc were very much impressed by the level of the research activities at Iran universities, by the interest for IEEE in Iran, and most of all, by the warm and friendly reception by all Iranians they encountered.

Dr. Lightner sent the following message after his return to USA:

Dear Fredun,

I cannot thank you enough for being such an outstanding host.  Everything about the visit was wonderful, and as I said, the best part was the people.  The university visits were excellent – such outstanding students, faculty and projects – clearly world class. The visits to historical places and gardens were wonderful.  Truly the trip of a lifetime.  I really look forward to a return where there can be more time to interact as well as see more of the country.

I am excited that the Iran Section seems to be restarted and the interim leaders are a fine choice.  With Dr. Salehi as the interim chair we should have no problem with Sections Congress next month in Florida.

I was very impressed with the SUTA organization and greatly appreciated meeting the leaders.

You did so much to facilitate and arrange the visit, I really cannot repay you.  I look forward to seeing you and your wonderful wife in San Diego.

I have attached files for the three talks – the conference, the Section meeting and the SUTA talk.

I know we will be in touch soon.

With great appreciation,


Dr. Lightner delivered 3 talks during this trip:

1-    At the Telecommunication Conference about “IEEE A Global Community”

2-    At the IEEE-Iran Section meeting that was held at Sharif University, about

“IEEE and IEEE-Iran Section, an OFAC Update”.

Dr. Lightner reported that all membership limitations for Iranian members and for IEEE-Iran Section have been removed, except money transfer to Iran. The Iran Section has been given the new authority to establish new chapters in Iran without asking IEEE for approval.

At this meeting the Iran Section was officially reactivated and its interim officers (Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) were elected as follows:

  • Dr. Javad Salehi, sharif University
  • Dr. Masoumeh Nasiri, Sharif University
  • Dr. Mohammad Hakkak, Tarbiat Modarres University

3-    Dr. Lightner gave a very interesting talk at the SUTA meeting in Sharif University about

“Emerging Technologies”

At this meeting Dr. Zahed Sheikholeslami, President of SUTA, gave an overview of SUTA’s activities.

To see some pictures from the social events and sightseeing tours, please use this link: