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Dear Dr. Hojabri,
Hope you and your family are fine,
I met you in Sweden gathering in 2004. I am not a Sharif Alumni but daughter of two of them who respect and love you always: Ms. Najibeh Afsharfar, and Mr. Hossein Jafari who left us on 2005.
I have been in contact with this charity in Tehran, they are honest and work hard for the poorest
children in Iran, I have been participating in their Nowruz ceremony few times and now we try to help as much as we can with some friends each year before Nowruz time. I know them as my colleagues’ sister works as one of the volunteers there.
They teach children who can not go to regular schools because of not having money or not having ID Card or because most of these children work in day time to pay the family expenses, and they help them to take their exams and take required certificates.
They also teach their mothers to how make small business like cooking and this staff and selling them for taking care of their children. I have heard that they also paid for hospital and surgery for some children who really need that. they usually have plans for a better world for children living in Iran.
last year they had this plan to make a new center to take care of children which their parents can not take care of them, because of drug and poorness. the lady from this institute even goes directly to their home to visit the condition. which sounded a bit horrible to me when she was explaining for me, that how their condition was and that their father asked lady to
take his minor daughters with her.
I was happy to see their link in your email and just want to make you sure about this charity as someone from Iran who have visited their center. if someone wants to help somewhere and assure where the money goes, it’s the right place to be hopeful for a better future community in Iran. needs time but always doing something is better than nothing…
Wish you all the best
Solmaz Jafari
From: Mehdi Arjmand <>
Sent: 1/20/2013 5:48:04 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

City: Calgary/Canada
Dear Dr. Hojabri
I am a Sharif Unv. alumnus currently living in Canada/Calgary.
I am planning to climb Kilimanjaro (Africa) on Feb. 6th-20th, 2013.
We are working with a charity organization (paradise) and I was wondering if you could please help us promote this event and help raise money and awareness for child labor in Iran.
100% of the money goes directly to charity’s account and I will cover all the expenses by myself.
Here is a the web page we have prepared:

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