June 24, 2012
Dear all:
You have heard of the recent incident that took place at an Apple Store in Atlanta area in Georgia, in which the store employee refuses selling Apple products to an Iranian American customer based on Trade Sanctions against Iran:
1- MSNBC investigate the incident and in its report quotes a spokesperson for the U.S. State Department as such:
“There is absolutely no U.S. policy or law that would prohibit Apple or any other company from selling its products in the United States to anyone intending to use the product in the United States, including Iranians and Persian-speakers,”
2- PAAIA (The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans) issues an statement referring to MSNBC report, but saying:
“…Based on the information obtained, it seems that the Apple employee in Alpharetta, Georgia followed the company’s policy regarding selling products that may be sold or supplied to individuals in countries under the US embargo – namely Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria,”
“The detailed directions that the company provides its store employees on how to address and work with current and potential customers is a clear reflection of the value that Apple places on customer satisfaction. There is, however, room for improvement.”
3- Apple products are widely available in Iran, not only in Tehran, but in small villages, sometimes at cheaper price than in the States:
If the Iranian student wanted to buy his i-pad at an Apple store in US and sell it in Iran without first obtaining an “Export Licence”, it was a bad business!
Fredun Hojabri